COVID-19 Related Information

This page contains information that are communicated by the NZ Government to the community

Services and support

It’s OK to ask for help. As we work through this together, there are people and agencies able to support you. Here’s a range of advice, help, or support if you need it.

Government Help


This website is the fastest way to find help and advice about the COVID-19 situation in New Zealand. It has an updated search bar.

Advice from police is to verify any information via the Covid-19 official website and monitor regular updates on national news announcements made via the Prime Minister and Ministry of Health

If you’re not sure what assistance may be available, don’t know who to contact for help, call the free government helpline on 0800 779 997 (8 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week).

For advice, support and general enquiries, please contact 0800 22 66 57 (8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday and 8am to 5pm, Saturday to Sunday).


Sign up in the Government Free News Letter

The government now has a newsletter that provides updates on Covid-19.
Please sign up via this link.


Financial and Welfare support

All the information one needs to know about Welfare support including finances and accommodation could be found here:


You Cannot get Essential Supplies

Help accessing Essential supplies and your local Civil Defence group.



If you would like to volunteer and help communities.


Inflating Prices 

Price Gouging complaints of supermarkets inflating prices of products can now be directed to


Wage Subsidy Employer Search

Companies that have received payments under Covdi-19 Wage subsidy scheme.


Covid-19 isolation breaches

You can now report to Police online suspected COVID-19 L4 isolation breaches and Businesses you suspect are breaching the essential services rule.


Funeral guidelines

Funeral guidelines can be accessed via this link.


Offical Information in other Languages

You can find offical information in other languages in this link:



Migrant and Refugee Support

This webpage includes information on support that is available to recent migrants and refugees, what they need to do related to various issues and how they can get help and advice in their preferred language:

Email with key concerns and issues specific to recent migrants and refugees so that they can ensure the information and support they need is provided.  You can also contact 0800 Red Cross and give details of the help that is needed for former refugee clients or asylum seekers and it will be passed to the team.

International Students

The prime responsibility for pastoral care rests with the providers students are enrolled with, and most of them are doing an extremely good job. They are very aware of their responsibility to this vulnerable group. Education New Zealand has been trying to ensure providers have the information and access to information sources that they need, right across government. For students, they are recommending that students use and sign up for the NauMaiNZ website platform which provides a source of information for students. Below is a link to that site’s COVID page, which provides information that students need. The page is updated pretty much daily as information comes in, and strengthening NauMaiNZ’s resources and links about stress, illness, unfair treatment etc. Please request students to sign up via this page link:


Anyone who believes they have been discriminated against can also complain to the Human Rights Commission by calling their confidential service on 0800 496 877 or emailing:

You can also submit an online form via their website:

They offer mediation to help resolve the complaint.